How to Check Irctc PNR Status Online

How to Check PNR Status : In short PNR means Passenger Name Record, It is generated on the database of Indian Railways Computer Reservation System (IR-CRS) which deals with the journey details of the passenger or a group of passengers. So you can check the PNR Status of booked train tickets, PNR status can be checked using unique ten digit PNR number, This PNR number is placed in the top-left corner on your purchased tickets. What will this PNR do is? It will find the information related to your ticket booking status, coach number of the train, list of passenger and things. In order to check PNR status, first of all you have to do login in to your IRCTC account. Want to know about Irctc Login ? Follow the below link to know to create account irctc and irctc login.

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How to Check PNR Status Online?

How to Check Irctc PNR Status Online

How to Check Irctc PNR Status Online

It is very easy, What you need is just you need to enter 10 digits IRCTC PNR Number, In few moments you can get the PNR Status details from servers, and you can find whether your ticket got confirmed or not.
How to Check PNR Status Offline?

If you do not have internet facility with you, even you can get the IRCTC PNR Status offline with the help of SMS helpline service provided by Indian Railways or calling the help line number to get the details of PNR. For this what you need to do is

PNR status on mobile

Type ‘PNR’ and Number and send it to 5888 or 139 or 5676747 or 57886
If you dial 139 from your mobile number and follow the instructions

     Only one PNR number will be generated for maximum of 6 passengers, It is like travel record that is maintained by the Centre for Railway Information Systems (CRIS) in their Centralized Reservation System which has all the details of the passengers like Name, Gender, Age, Contact; and journey details like Train Number, Class, Berth Preference, Boarding Date, Boarding Point, Destination.

Also, you should be aware of these terms CNF, WL, RAC, RLWL, CK, CKWL, GNWL, PQWL.

CNF– CNF will provide you the details of Coach/Seat/Berth number after the completion of chart preparation.
RAC it stands for Reservation Against Cancellation, This is considered when you are willing to travel with the co-passenger by sharing a single seat, This seat will be confirmed when a traveler cancels his tickets. Even you can travel in AC coaches with this RAC ticket.

WL– It will present you the waitlist If your ticket was not confirmed for the given date.

RLWL– Remote Location Waitlist: A passenger is applicable to get this ticket when a passenger travel has Remote Location Quotas.

PQWL stands for Pooled Quota Wait List – Passenger who are willing to travel between the sub-route within the main route. This will forms from Source station to any nearby stations other than the destination. Under this quota fewer seats are available fewer chances are there for the confirmation.

GNWL – General Waiting List, This will have the highest priority of getting a seat which has the highest number of seats in any trains, A passenger cannot board the train if booked from a station you may travel in the general compartment most times.

In this way, you can check PNR Status Online and pnr status on mobile. If you have any doubt, feel free to comment below.

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